Sunday, March 16, 2014


You know you're introverted when you consider taking a walk to get away and be alone, and then decide against it because you may have to be friendly to the neighbors. That was me, earlier today. It has been an interaction-laden weekend.


We are finally done with Girl Scout cookie sales. I'm not sure yet how I'm going to keep track of two Girl Scouts and their respective cookie orders and boxes next year. Elaine can't wait to be a Girl Scout and Val will have moved on up to the next rank so they'll be in separate troops. Val was pleased to learn that her Great Grandma was a Girl Guide when she lived in Africa. Grandma told me she still uses the knot-tying skills she learned as a Girl Guide!


Speaking of introversion, I'm reading "Quiet" by Susan Cain and so far am not all that impresed or particularly captivated by anything she's written. It seems like she's trying to make a case for why it's okay and desireable to be an introvert -- "We're people too! Look at all the famous introverts!" -- and I'm already okay with being introverted so it's not particularly validating for me. Nothing in the book has really surprised me yet. I'm not very far in, though, so maybe later content will be useful. 


I'm beginning to brainstorm possible ways to earn a little extra income during the times both girls are in school this fall. I'll have three or so hours every morning of the week. I've considered teaching piano and opening an Etsy store for hats, dishcloths, potholders and whatever else I make out of yarn. 


  1. Did you end up getting anything out of Quiet?

  2. Not particularly. It was a lot of science about how introverts work and function, which was interesting but I didn't find it particularly empowering because I'm pretty comfortable with my introversion already.