Monday, July 22, 2013


You know what I hate? Well I'll tell you.

I hate it when some well-meaning friendly friend of mine asks something like, "so what'd you do today?" or "do you have anything going on this weekend?" or "how was the weekend? anything fun?"

I am the worst at providing any sort of truthful answer on the spot. I wrack my brain and come up with nothing at all. Complete blank. Sometimes I will actually have to check my calendar. I usually just say something like, "oh nothing much" or "not really" and then 30 minutes later I remember that we actually went to a water park or celebrated someone's birthday or something else that's totally small-talk worthy.

Case in point: today the chiropractor asked our family, "so what's new?" as he began adjusting Elaine. (Kids adjusted for free! Love our chiropractor!) I, of course, could think of nothing new and gave some lame reply. I think he then asked one of the girls what they did today. They said they didn't know so Superman began giving them hints and I was honestly guessing right along with them. What! Tell me what I did! I have no idea! Turns out I took them to swimming lessons AND Val got her ribbon for backstroke.

Why do I forget things as soon as they've happened?


Tonight on the drive home from dropping Superman off at work I speculated reasons why writing in my hand-written journal has dropped off considerably. I think the last entry may have been in June.

I think it's because it would take "too much time." So I don't write anything at all.

Pity, that.


Today we took a family trip to Starbucks and I attempted to sketch Superman's face as he studied his iPad. I no longer felt like knitting (I always stop the project and procrastinate for a while when it's time to switch to double-pointed needles to work a decrease) so I picked up one of the girls' colored pencils and went to work. It turned out far better than I expected. I'm even half-way inspired to take a drawing class and see if it remains fun.


  1. I feel the same way about that! I had my blood drawn on Monday and the guy doing it asked how my weekend was and I just said that it was fine and then he proceeded to ask what I did and I couldn't remember and he started suggesting things to help jog my memory. Dislike!