Saturday, July 20, 2013


The good news: I finally figured out how to do that pattern! The only issue now will be how to weave in the ends inconspicuously on such a small row of color. I can handle that. I'm excited to really, REALLY start this project and keep going, for a change. It'll be my largest project to date.

The less good news: I was so thrilled at finally incorporating a second color in a way that looked good that I forgot the pattern row and will have to rip out my work (hopefully) one more time. Undoing knitting is a whole lot more complicated than undoing crocheted work. (Unless there's an easy way I haven't been told about.)

Today I went (for the second time) to a knitting group that meets at the library. I enjoy the personalities of the ladies who come and find their opinions and perspectives fun to listen to. People fascinate me. I am by far the youngest of the group; the next oldest member is 37 and the only male.


I was going to write about gallbladder attacks but that doesn't sound very blog-worthy at the moment. I think I've had a few; I'm changing my diet accordingly and hoping that will help.

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