Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Purse inventory

It's been time to clean out my purse for a long time. A really long time. I've done several half-inventories, quickly, right before heading out the door and only to make room for whatever I needed to fit.

So I decided to do a complete inventory of my purse, uncensored, for your entertainment.

The purse, before. Snapped closed. Neat and unassuming. A tad bulky.

The purse, after. Emptied of it's cargo. A tad shocking.

What IS all that, you might be wondering. I took notes.

The following was in my purse, in no particular order:
  • 1 knitting work in progress. (Hat for Doug.)
  • 1 make up brush. (Lancome 8.)
  • 1 wallet. (Currently frustratingly unable to close due to the $5 McDonalds gift cards destined for gift bags for the homeless people we encounter.)
  • 2 mini composition books filled with my random thoughts and ideas. 
  • 1 bag Traditional Medicinal Organic Eater's Digest tea.
  • 1 Kindle Paperwhite. (My preciousssssss.)
  • 1 mini-journal containing Bible verses I'm memorizing. (Demand a recitation the next time you see me!)
  • 2 reusable shopping bags. (Our county has banned the use of disposable plastic bags.)
  • 2 small tins of Altoids Smalls. (Simply Mint flavor.)
  • 10 (TEN!) pens. (1 appears to be stolen from church. Thou shalt not steal pens.)
  • 1 handout from a different church on which was scribbled the URL to a knitting website recommended by a friend.
  • 1 bottle of lotion.
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses.
  • 2 Sugar 'n Cream yarn labels, saved for the dishcloth pattern on the back.
  • 1 Cherry 7-UP Lip Smacker.
  • 1 credit-card-sized dental floss dispenser.
  • 3 small bottles of hand sanitizer.
  • 1 purple plastic counting bear.
  • 1 packet containing 1 cloth and 1 bottle of lens cleaning solution.
  • 1 harmonica.
  • 2 strawberry shortcake dolls. (Strawberry Shortcake and Orange Blossom.)
  • 1 4G thumb drive. (Not pictured because I immediately put it on Superman's laptop; he's been looking for it.)
  • 1 additional cloth for cleaning glasses.
  • 1 snack sized baggie containing 4 multivitamins and 2 iron pills.
  • 1 travel size dental floss container.
  • Another flash drive. (Capacity unknown. Also not pictured for the same reason the other wasn't.)
  • My 1-year CODA chip. (Happy recovery to me!)
  • Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker
  • 6 State Farm anti-texting-while driving thumb rings. 
  • 1 dried cherry. (Poor cherry.)
  • 1 Hello Kitty mood ring. (Val exclaimed, "My RING! Eliot gave this to me when I took Tesla out of his room!")
  • 4 hair barrettes.
  • 4 mini hair clips.
  • 3 hair bands.
  • $1.26 in change (2 quarters, 5 dimes, 4 nickels and 6 pennies)
  • Small ring with 6 laminated Bible verse cards attached.
  • LunchSkins bag full of trail mix. (Perhaps the dried cherry escaped from there?)
  • Paper with notes from last week's lesson (on grace) at Celebrate Recovery
  • 1 lacy hair clip. (Worn by Elaine in my brother's wedding! It has not been in my purse since then.
  • Paper from our city's sewing center with details on the machine I'd like to buy.
  • Strawberry Lip Smacker.
  • 1 mini mag lite. (Eddie Bauer.) 
  • 1 duck call. (Yes. You blow on it and it makes a noise like a duck quacking.)
  • 1 mini bottle ibuprofen.
  • Little green rubber bouncy ball.
  • 1 Bible.
That's 91 items in one purse. What's in your purse? Think you can do wors-uh-better? Bring it on!


  1. Beck, that is great! :P The duck call made me laugh....:D

  2. You have, like, the Tardis of purses.

  3. LOL! That might be a reason I don't carry a purse. :) Instead I have a 20lb diaper bag. Complete with coloring books, crayons, toy cars, camera, complete changes of clothes for 3 kids, whistle, hat assortment, tissues, napkins, lotions, hair accessories, nail clippers, first aid kit, water bottles, and a whole lot more.