Monday, December 3, 2012


Today I ripped a good-sized chunk of hair (about the size of a nickel) right out of my scalp. I climbed partially up the shelving Superman built in the storage closet on our balcony in search of peanut butter and when I saw none, I let go and dropped back to the ground. Just that quickly a section of my hair hooked into the little chain and spring assembly that keeps the closet door from opening too far and my hair stayed hooked while the rest of me kept going. It hurt.

I'm afraid to look and see just how much is missing because I'm already sensitive about the handfuls I'm losing due to anemia. (Although I'm beginning to wonder if hair loss is a symptom of anything else because my iron level IS in the normal range now, but barely.)


Tonight I took my knitting to church and sat around and knit and talked with other knitters. I'm excited to have sources other than YouTube videos to teach and explain techniques to me. Our fearless leader (of something called a "prayer shawl ministry"; it's all new to me, too) is delightfully unconcerned about "mistakes" and appears to be very good at fixing just about any problem there is without ripping out the work. I am intrigued. She shared that the group of ladies who taught her were of the mindset that if you won't notice it from a galloping horse, then it's not that big a deal. I enjoyed the imagery and further imagine that I would be the kind of horse galloper that would come to a screeching halt and then get off my horse to measure and count stitches. Knitting is helping to lessen my perfectionism and I am grateful.


I went for my yearly eye exam and was told that I would probably benefit from reading glasses. When she asked me if anything had changed since last year or if I was experiencing any issues with my eyes I said no. But after the appointment I realized that very often each night I'll reach a point where my eyes are very tired and less willing to read and more willing to close, at which point they're achy and stingy for a while even after they're closed. I just figured I needed more sleep, which is probably also true. We have pretty good vision insurance that will get even better after the first of the year, and so I may get a pair of glasses now and another pair next month. I tried on some frames at Costco and decided that something must be done about my eyebrows. I like the darker rimmed frames, but to me it seems to clash horribly with my super dark (and thick, at times, sigh) eyebrows. Also adding glasses to my crooked face only seems to enhance the crookedness. Why yes, that ear IS a good bit lower than the other one! And that eyebrow IS higher! I know the frames can be bent to fit my face better but the glasses are still pretty symmetrical and my face is still pretty not.

It's tricky, picking a pair of glasses. I never realized what a big decision it is. Your FACE! What people SEE! (Granted, only when I'm reading, but still.) I think between my husband's and sister's input I should be pretty good but if any of you know of certain dos and don'ts of the glasses-wearing world, please let me know!

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  1. Hi! I have worn glasses since high school. My experience is if you can get a pair that is rim-less (or at least only has rims on the top), then people hardly notice that you're wearing glasses at all. If you're concerned about them looking crooked, that fear most likely stems from the visibility of the frames. But if the frames are "invisible" then that problem should be solved :) I hope that helps! I know I'm a bit late in responding...