Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I went to the dentist on Tuesday and learned that jaw clenching (by itself, some people grind their teeth as well) is a thing. I don't grind my teeth but it's very probable that I clench my teeth tightly while I sleep. A few teeth seem to be unreasonably sensitive and there are no cavities. My jaw has clicked for as long as I can remember (which I think can be caused or worsened by braces) and sometimes is stiff.

Apparently if this goes on long enough it can result in CRACKED MOLARS. The receptionist at the dental office explained that she's cracked four molars due to clenching her teeth while she sleeps. Four! Four teeth cracked by the force of one's own jaw muscle!

They recommended wearing a custom mouth guard at night which I am quite willing to do. (Cracked! Molars!)


It has been brought to my attention that talking quickly does not make a person appear credible. This is rather unfortunate but I'm glad to have the knowledge. Most people I speak with probably don't doubt my credibility, but this is good information to have and apply to interactions with anyone. I gleaned this tip from a intriguing book I'm reading: It's Not All About "Me": Ten Techniques For Building Quick Rapport With Anyone. The author was the lead trainer for social engineering and interpersonal skills in the FBI. This is the first book I've read that comes with a warning, which is as follows: Warning - the content in this book is so effective that we warn the reader to think carefully how it is used. We do not endorse or condone the use of these skills in malicious ways.

It's a very, very interesting book. I've been putting myself opposite him in each of the examples he gives of interaction with strangers and I think I'd do pretty well in keeping personal information that I don't wish to share to myself. (I actually have two specific responses ready to go if someone ever asks me information I'm uncomfortable sharing.) I've also found that some of the things he mentions are things that I do already when building or strengthening a relationship that's important to me. So that's cool.

When interacting with new acquaintances or strangers, though, now I know to consciously make an effort to slow down my rate of speech if I want to be influential.


Before today I did not know that "Methuselah" means "when he dies; it will come." What will come? Why, the flood, of course. Methuselah's father, Enoch had a close relationship with God and prophesied God's judgement of the world (according to Jude 1:14-15.) I like knowing what names mean and this was a new one for me.


Crap writing is crap. I want to write more so that there may be less crap to wade through, over time.


  1. If you make a list of the meanings of the names from Adam to Noah, it's a pretty interesting message. :)