Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pin up girl

I've been trying to do other things with my hair, than simply occasionally wash and ponytail it. More specifically, I've been trying to understand and actually attempt the use of bobby pins. Oh, and "product." Quite unfortunately, merely owning bobby pins and product does NOT magically bestow upon me all kinds of hairstyle knowledge and skill. So, I've been trying. I never spent hours in the bathroom or in front of mirrors practicing and perfecting all kinds of hairstyles during my junior high and high school years, and it shows.

The other day I washed my hair. I put "product" in it. I bobby pinned with determination. I emerged with what I thought was a tolerable manner in which to display my hair NOT in a ponytail. Several hours later Superman arrived home. I was eager for honest feedback.

Me: Look at my hair. I "did" it today. Do you like it? Not like it? Thoughts?

Superman: *considers my hair* Eh, not really. It's not my favorite.

Me: Specifically, how I pinned it up like this. Here and here. *points out pinned spots*

Superman: Oh. Yeah, that part's okay. It's just really poofy. Maybe if you put some anti-frizz stuff on it or something.

Me: I did.

Superman: Oh.

Evidently I didn't use enough product. I'm tempted to just throw it back in a ponytail until it's 5 or 6 inches longer and less likely to poof. Product is expensive, yo.

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