Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh my heart.

August 30, 2011: first day of preschool

May 29, 2012: last day of preschool, nine months later.

I just. I don't even have words. (Which is why I've supplied pictures.)


  1. Um...I suspect you adopted a 3rd child b/c the girl in the second picture is obviously 2 years older...

    Seriously, I was JUST pregnant and now I have a little girl who runs around outside and climbs onto everything that she can (and out of her crib!!)!

  2. Oh My, that little darling has grown. Look at the location of the lock and doorknob in relationship to her head and shoulder. Wow, all that growth in less than a year. She's going to be as tall and lovely as her mama.

  3. Wow, that's what, two? Three inches? In 9 months? Dang.