Friday, April 27, 2012

Things I like

I love these products so much I thought I'd dedicate a blog post to them and maybe some of you will find them useful as well!

1. Water filtration system: Clear2O

Delicious tasting water in a matter of SECONDS - no joke. Very reasonably priced and the filters are replaced as they are used, NOT just after a certain amount of time has elapsed (something that's always bugged me about Brita.) We've had ours for a month and the filter replacement indicator is still over 3/4 full. The only possible downside to this system I can think of is that you'll have to fit the adapter to your sink faucet (the pitcher fills via hose which attaches to your faucet) which in our case required simply removing the aerator on the faucet and screwing on the one that came with the Clear2O system. It may not be so simple on a more "fancy" model faucet. We got the little extension hose, which I would highly recommend - it allows us to keep the pitcher on the counter while filling, instead of maneuvering it in and out of the sink. The water tastes amazingly good, which is saying something because I don't even like brushing my teeth with the tap water in our city - it SMELLS.

2. Reusable food storage bags: LunchSkins

I recently ordered a sampling of products from to prepare for daily lunches when Val starts kindergarten. I can't stand how much plastic I *still* go through in my kitchen, and Ziploc bags are the biggest culprit. I absolutely adore the LunchSkin bags. They come in three sizes and are dishwasher safe! I don't usually run them through the dishwasher as they usually just need to be rinsed out, but I love having that as an option if they're ever used to hold something really messy and tough to clean. They're made of a very durable-yet-flexible cloth - heavy duty, but not stiff and cumbersome. Additionally, they're made in the US! What's not to love?! Oh, wait, I thought of ONE thing that MIGHT be something not to love... the Velcro closure. It's very effective and also very loud and attention-getting if you're trying to open it in a quiet environment. Open it ahead of time if you're hoping to sneak some snacks without anyone (in my case, my children!) noticing.


  1. Just cough, sneeze, or clear your through loudly as you super-quickly rip open the Velcro.