Saturday, March 24, 2012

Poultry attitude

Well. I'm in a foul mood.

Maybe foul is too strong a word. Bad? Introspectively grouchy?

This usually happens when I look to other people to make me happy. More specifically, until they do what I think they should do or expect them to do, then I can't be happy. This is a dumb way to think, by the way. I'll let you know when I succeed in kicking the habit. Or maybe I won't have to let you know. Maybe, hopefully, you'll be able to tell just by watching me.

I've been combing through files on my laptop in the hopes of actually organizing it in some sort of helpful-to-me fashion. I came across this, that I of all people wrote, I think it was back in 2001.
"If you don't decide what kind of day you'll have before you get out of bed, other people will decide for you."

- Beckeriah

Want to have a good day? Decide to have a good day. Want to have a bad day? Look for people to pick on. Look for situations to whine about. Look for reasons to slack off. Look for the easy way out.

Thank you, come again, and have a good day!

Yikes. Thanks, old self. Thanks a lot. Pressing the reset button...NOW!

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