Monday, March 5, 2012

Superman saved my life!

This is why I can't remember things - my head is in the clouds or I'm in my own little world much of the time.

I can't believe I forgot to blog about how my super husband single-armedly saved my life (or at the very least, my legs. Or maybe at the very, very least, a sudden surge of adrenaline.)

Last night as we were leaving the restaurant and walking to our car I was almost hit by a car and probably would have walked WAAAAAY closer to it (or directly into its path) had Superman not been paying attention and grabbed my shoulder when he did.

We were crossing a part of the parking lot where cars travel both directions. I was paying attention to the car to my right because it had just braked and I was walking directly behind it's bumper. I was about to step clear of that car when Superman suddenly grabbed my arm and pushed me back while exclaiming, "slow DOWN! This is a PARKING lot!" (he wasn't talking to me) just as a car came to a sudden stop directly in front of me. She had to have been driving fast because I didn't even see her approaching from the right when I had checked a few seconds before.

Superman saves the day! Though I'm sure he'd much rather shoot someone in my defense than merely drag me out of the path of an oncoming car. Not that I'm looking for opportunities for him to do either.

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