Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I have so many half-baked ideas for things to blog about and when I finally have the time to do so, none of them are all that appealing.

So I'm stuck with a blank screen and a head teeming with things I *could* write about but then very probably *could* regret writing about, not long after.

I'm currently awake partially because I haven't yet adjusted to the time change (which is particularly brutal for night owls) and also because I'm delaying going to bed. Going to bed means I'll go to sleep which means I will wake up and I'm fairly certain that I will be anxious upon waking up. I've been doing that again, lately, but tomorrow there is a specific anxiety-triggering thing. If anything, I've become much more skilled in my application of various tools to aid in anxiety relief. I actually wrote anxiety down as something to be thankful for because it provides me with the opportunity to trust.

Getting enough rest is important in combating anxiety, so, off I go.

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