Saturday, March 17, 2012


Today Val got to participate in a St. Patrick's Day parade with her fellow preschoolers. It was very cold. Next year we will be better prepared for that. She did a fantastic job, all things considered, and was very patient. Elaine and I staked out a spot on the curb and huddled under a blanket to watch. I've always wanted to be in a marching band and parades tend to accentuate that longing. Elaine waved tirelessly while collecting necklaces, candy, tattoos, pencils and fliers and wishing nearly everyone a "Happy Saint Patrick's Day!" She pronounces "Patrick's" differently each time and it's adorable. I had a wonderful time visiting with the 78-year-old (great!) grandma sitting next to me. As we got ready to leave and were saying goodbye she said, "I hope you sit here next year. It feels like you're a part of my family!" I told her I'd definitely try.

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