Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Five years is a lot of time. 

Five years ago Superman was a custom framer (homes, banks, Safeway stores, schools... he's built them all!) and we lived in our own home. Five years ago our pure gift from God was born. 

Five years ago I learned how to use cloth diapers, how to balance work and motherhood, how to cope with living in a house that was under major construction from the day she was born (and earlier) to the day we moved out. Five years ago I began obsessing over her ridiculously long eyelashes and gorgeous blue eyes. Five years ago I was born into motherhood.

A little less than five years ago a tiny person called me "MA!" and then "MA MA!" and then "MOMMY!" and then "MOOOO-oooooom!" and just last night that same little girl asked me if I'd still be able to carry her after she turned five. I assured her I would. She gave a sleepy sigh of relief, murmured "oh, whew" and fell asleep.

How is it possible for my heart to keep filling with love when it's already full to overflowing?

Happy birthday, sweet girl. You are so loved.

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  1. Wow! FIVE! Happy birthday to your sweet girl and happy 5 years of motherhood to you! I got a little teary reading this and thinking about how fast it has gone by...