Sunday, March 4, 2012

Date (OVER)night!

I honestly don't know why we didn't think of this sooner. Both sets of grandparents live less than 30 minutes away from us and have for over a year. And we've waited this long to enjoy a night without kids why?!? For whatever reason, it finally occurred to us that it was a possibility and man has it been lovely. Number of interrupted conversations? ZERO!!! Absolute heaven.

After dropping the kids off yesterday we went to Panera and ordered our favorite sandwiches to enjoy and share. We almost never go to Panera together. My favorite sandwich (bacon turkey bravo) is definitely better than his (asiago roast beef.)

Then we went to the mall, where I got my eyebrows waxed (should I take a hint if every single time I go they ask if I also want to wax my upper lip? I know they're just trying to make more money but still... makes me wonder if I need it.) We walked around and went in stores that seemed interesting and enjoyed free tea samples from this store and I bought some clothes, which I really needed. I later bought shoes, which I also really needed. And an O. Henry book, which I probably did not need but it was all of six dollars and fifty cents and there is no way I'm going to walk into a massive Half Price Books store and not buy anything. I mean come ON. I think I was doing quite well to stick to just one book.

After church we got some coffee and sat across from each other, absorbed in our phones (really! we did!) until someone walked by and joked, "I hope you're at least texting each other!" I told him we weren't, but had been playing Scrabble with each other earlier if that counted for anything. We continued to sit with our phones in relative silence, making occasional comments to each other while sipping our drinks. It was lovely. Then we decided we were hungry, and got almost all the way to the restaurant before Superman remembered that I! Needed! Shoes! So we turned around, drove across town and bought these (after confirming via smart phone that we'd have to spend an extra twenty-five cents if we bought them from Zappos), then the book, then drove back across town for food. Which we enjoyed.

We got back too late to go in the hot tub, but not too late to talk some more without being interrupted! Lovely concept, that.

This morning I had planned to go to my CoDA meeting but because I'm not meeting with my sponsor after group today (still plowing through my fourth step) and due to the single car issue, I opted to skip the meeting and stick with Superman. He's involved in the junior high ministry here at church and that's where I am right now - in the church's coffee shop enjoying a lovely morning.


Speaking of being on my computer at church... two Thursdays ago I was huddled over my laptop watching the clock, poised and ready to register Elaine for preschool at the stroke of 9 pm, which was when registration opened. I was able to register her successfully for the fall and not long after that someone walked by and said, "Hi [beck]! You look like you're hard at work!" I raised my head and looked blankly at him. I had absolutely no idea who he was. And he knew my name. It's true I was wearing a name tag, but he wasn't close enough to read it. "Hi..." I faltered, mentally zooming through all the people I know and have seen/met at church while waiting for his face to click and attach itself to a name in my head... but I came up empty. I hate this. I'm really not good at names in the first place and it usually takes a few times of regularly meeting someone for me to remember their name with any accuracy.

I could now either pretend I DID know him (but not have any idea at all why or from what) or admit I had no idea who he was and could he please tell me his name again? I chose the latter and he seemed only slightly hurt, "you know... Mike?" I did not know, unfortunately. Ugh. "Hi Mike. I'm so sorry I don't remember you; can you remind me how we know each other?" "You know, just around church." "Oh. Do you help with the kids or something?" SURELY there was SOME connection? "No, but" he gestured to his daughter, "I think our girls are in the same class." "Oh!" I nodded, "Yeah that could be it." I still have absolutely no recollection of meeting him and since then I've seen him a few times and he's forever imbedded in my brain as "Mike, the guy from church I don't know."

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