Sunday, March 18, 2012

Boy am I thankful for effective medication! This morning Val woke up with a 103.1 degree fever. She was hurting all over and whimpering pitifully. I'm so blessed to have strong, healthy kids - it's rare they are sick, so when they are it just breaks my heart. I gave her some ibuprofen and she fell asleep for an hour or so. She awoke suddenly and sat up jack-in-the-box style, exclaiming, "I don't hurt ANYwhere!" It reminds me of her toddler days when nothing at all could ever slow her down except when she was sick. Then she transformed into a snuggly, low-energy, little lump... until the Tylenol took effect, and she was on the move again. I distinctly recall chasing her around, wondering how to make a 1.5 year old rest and take it easy, knowing that a 100+ degree fever was waiting for her as soon as the meds wore off.


I made it to the 11 am CoDA meeting instead of my usual 8 am group. CoDA reminds me of the meeting, in some ways. A group of people sitting around in a circle... comfortable with silence  unless someone is led to share... taking turns reading out of various books... familiar faces smiling at you as you come in late and quickly sit down... passing around a basket for money... even starting and ending with a prayer... and then the warm greetings and hugs and standing around visiting after the meeting is over.

On my drive back home I always look to and smile at a large cross that has been positioned at the very top of a large range of hills. I drive the opposite way to group, but on the way home the cross is directly in front of me and I appreciate the gentle reminder of who my Higher Power is and that He's with me in recovery. If I could find out who owns the property and was responsible for putting up the cross I'd write them a thank you note.

My sponsor isn't a Christ follower and in many ways I think this works very well. Initially I wondered the pros/cons to choosing a sponsor that did not share some of my world views and beliefs about God. I do not regret for one minute picking the sponsor I did and I feel extremely blessed that she was available to sponsor me. I know she's the right sponsor for me.

On the Thursday mornings that I'm not in MOPS, I've begun going to a CoDA group that meets at my church. I'm looking forward to deepening my relationships with the women there; we've all got the same Higher Power!

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