Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'd never been to a Lent service before tonight. There are ashes on my forehead now. Goodbye Twitter and Facebook. Good thing I ditched them before filling up my time with yet ANOTHER group.

After the Lent service I went to a 12-step group at church. It's women only and fairly structured in that there will be homework and you're expected to go weekly for 16 or so weeks. It'll be interesting to see how it'll fit into my life.

In addition to that I am in (and have been in) two Bible studies (also with daily homework.)

I like to learn. I also like to stuff my head full of information that I never quite get around to applying in my life. Or I'll apply it only when it's comfortable and non-threatening to do so. I really like knowing stuff. I really don't like to practice what I know (looking back at my track record thus far.) The 12-step work is good though, because it's all about applying. After a certain number of meetings you just can't not begin to see your life differently and working the program in some way is inevitable if you, as they say, keep (on) coming back.


Our time as a one-car family is drawing to a close. Superman is needing his own (non-bicycle) wheels more and more often due to work. We'll definitely need another vehicle by the time Val starts kindergarten. It's been nice having just one car. I'll miss it. It made life simpler and saved us lots of fuel.


Today didn't really go as I planned. I have a hard time with that, sometimes. I have a hard time not thinking that if I somehow had planned differently or been or done something differently, then things could have gone how I planned. That's just not always true.

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  1. I love your posts. You often say what I'm afraid to. :) We might not be a one-car family much longer either. We're in the first stages of getting second... the considering the possibility stage. :)