Tuesday, February 21, 2012

'Ben eats lots.'

That's the first sentence that Val wanted to read completely on her own, decided to try, and got right all by herself.

I just got back from her room, where I went to investigate some excited shouting. (Taking books to bed has been and will always be allowed. Hmm. Until they start staying up until 2 am reading, I guess.) I found her jumping on her bed shouting "I READ! I READ! I READ! I READ!"

She pointed to a sentence in and checked with me, "Does this say 'Ben eats lots'?"

It did.

She pointed to a word and asked for more verification, "And does an 'e' and an 'h' say 'he'?"

I told her it did.

She started jumping around on her bed again, so excited and proud of herself.

Ah, the joy of reading! I'm SO proud of her. She's sounded out words and "read" (guessed/memorized/looked at pictures) under my direction before, but I think tonight a big piece of the puzzle clicked into place. So glad I got to witness it. =)

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  1. It's refreshing to see children fall in love with reading. When are you going to introduce her to the Chronicles of Narnia?