Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunol Regional Wilderness

I climbed a tree while wearing shoes today. It was awkward. Definitely not my preference.

Do you have a place you go when your soul needs to rejuvenate? I do. I went there, today, with my kids and cousin and sister and her dog.

I honestly can't tell you the names of all the roads if you were to ask for directions to this regional park, but my heart knows the way. I've been going there since well before I knew how to drive. I think almost all my dogs have been. It would be strange and highly unusual to go without a dog.

As I get closer, my heart swells with the anticipation of soaking in the glory of nature and resting in the solitude. It's similar to the feeling I got most days after college as I topped the hill on MacArthur Blvd and got that first glimpse of the ocean - that gorgeous, glittering expanse stretching away beneath me. It's about that time I'd call my mom to gloat. She knows the feeling, too. She went to that exact beach (it happens to be SAJ's beach, as well!) very frequently - nearly every day during the summers of her teen years, and countless times since.
Racing to the water!

No cell service.

Oak trees are my favorite.

What cousins are for.

Looking back...

Time for a snack and a rest.


Brief Mommy & daughter side trail exploration.

Playing under the oak trees.

In which we are all doing weird things with our arms.

Needed a book. And a few more hours.

Heading back.

I highly recommend these two for all your child transportation needs.

I've crossed this bridge myself, when I wasn't much older than Val is now.

The next time you hear me whining about how much hair I continue to lose due to anemia and OMG I'm going to be BALD (yes, I'm embarrassed to admit I've done this - it's HANDFULS and HANDFULS of hair! All the time!), please feel free to roll your eyes and direct my attention to this photo. Yes, my hair is thinner than it has been, but fortunately, it can stand to be thinned.

This was during part of our tick check.

Not bad for the dead of winter, eh? It's good to be a California native, especially on days like today.


  1. Oh, Becky...I'm so glad y'all got to go. The pictures are beautiful! Special places are so, well, Special. :D

  2. good action pic of eliot jumping off the rock

  3. California looks so beautiful, and I don't wanna' hear you complain about losing your hair. I think I grow balder and balder by the day.