Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Goal: join the human race

The entropy has been HIGH around here lately, especially in the mornings. Well, there is energy available, but it is not really the type that can do any work to speak of. Mostly mental energy that spins around and around and around in my head until I want to climb out of my own skin just to get a break. I've applied all manner of tricks and tools I've accumulated over the years that anxiety and I have been acquainted. Different things seem to work with varying levels of success on different days. Maddening, for someone who just wants a sure thing or a solid rule, and then to be done with it. Of course, Klonopin worked beautifully every single time, but I'm reluctant to go there if I can help it. And my current levels of anxiety are no where NEAR what they were when I was prescribed that drug.

While my brain sorts itself out, I offer you some pictures from the past several days. (Before I go to bed tonight I'm going to write "IT'S OKAY TO BE HUMAN" on a paper I will tape to my forehea mirror. See if that helps.)

Tree-trimming at the house we used to live at.

One of the spectators.

Showing Grampy how old she'll be next week.

Self-portrait with a toilet. And a bag of trash! Oh to have an attached garage...

My. Bay. Bee.

Tall people have big feet. Usually.

Happy to be at the (FREEZING COLD) park! (Or maybe I should just go buy a decent winter coat. I was the cold one, not her.)

Happy slider.

Happy, dizzy spinner.

Shaggy climber.

Are you in a drought? No, the hills always look like this. Except for two or three weeks in the spring after it rains.

Winter in CA.

Elaine takes "stop and rest" quite seriously.

Boundless energy (and we were hiking UPhill.)

Oak tree love.

Oak trees are my favorite.

Vivid color camera function.

The end.


  1. Does anyone tell you that you and Val look alike? I certainly see a resemblence.

    1. The above note brought to you by Rob-bo.