Saturday, January 7, 2012

As it turns out...

...I enjoy writing too much to just abandon blogging. What I will need to abandon, maybe temporarily, is the sorts of things I'd want to write here. I can still write. I can still make time to write about other things.


I just spoke with a Brandon from GoDaddy and I trust that in a few hours, you'll be able to read this on my domain. At long last. It's been a while. Finally made time to call.


Earlier today a writing prompt website came to mind and after a Google search or two, I found it! I had fun on this site when I was in college - They give a one word prompt and you write about it for a timed sixty seconds. There's no time to think or plan; you just see the word, and start typing whatever is in your head. And that's it. Easy and fun.

Here's what I came up with, today. The prompt was 'oil.'

"Oil was slick in the rain. Before he knew it, he was down, the bike half-crushing his left leg and knee. Helmet slammed, saw stars, prayed for safety, still trying to wrestle the machine out of the way of fellow travelers. Rain fell harder, now."

It makes me want to keep writing the scene and find out more.


I like efficiency. Maybe it's partly for that reason that I'm really not a fan of preparing food. Over and over. Day in and day out. People always are needing to eat. Messing up the kitchen. Cleaning up the kitchen. Such a bother. Harrumph. I wish we could just eat once per day and be done with it. Or have the appropriate amount of calories deposited directly into our stomachs. I plain just don't get much joy out of making food and doing dishes. (I should also note that despite this, I still make just about everything from scratch because... I guess because that's what my mom did. Plus, fresher ingredients, less processed food, etc..)

I tried to think of ways I can still carry out this necessary part of life (dishes and food and food and dishes! never ending!) in a way that would appeal more to me, specifically. Then I hit upon a very unoriginal idea - food preparation en masse! PERFECT! And now that I a) do not have a newborn and am not pregnant, and b) am less exhausted because I'm actually treating my anemia, I just might be able to pull it off!

Pinterest has been a great inspiration. Look.

I'm going to make these breakfast burritos next. These smoothie packets were super successful.


GTOTD: Library visit! Am hungry for new words.

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