Saturday, November 26, 2011


One of my most-valued memories of my dad from my childhood is this:

He bought a new Bible, and then spent the next few days painstakingly going through every page of his old one in order to copy over all his notes/highlights/underlines to the new one. I've been thinking of buying a new Bible. My current one is paperback and falling apart rapidly (already packing-taped the spine.)

Also, when he's unable to recall any helpful part of a specific scripture reference (which is rare) he'll assure you that it's found "on the left page, right-hand column, near the bottom" (or similar) in his Bible. I find myself doing that, too, always mentally, if not verbally. It's comforting to know that even though I can't turn to it right this second, I know the verse's location well enough to remember its position on the page. As an adult I know that kind of knowledge doesn't happen on accident. I'm grateful both my parents have made knowing their Bibles a priority, and that I was exposed to their examples as I grew up.

12 step groups can't be worked without a higher power, and I'm thankful my parents lived relationships with God. Turns out my higher power is the same one.

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