Saturday, August 13, 2011


Right about here is where a post about the wedding should go. Quite unfortunately, my camera got locked in a room on accident (happened to be the one I was staying in) right before we left for the wedding, and we couldn't get the key until after the wedding. So I stole various cameras and filled their memory cards instead. If you'd like to see pictures from the wedding and the surrounding evets, let me know, I'll give you the URL and you'll have to register a username and password.

The wedding was beautiful, of course. The bride's sister composed (and performed) much of the music during the ceremony; it was gorgeous. I will never tire of watching the groom as his bride walks down the aisle. It's probably one of my favorite things to do during a wedding. Of course I look at the bride, too, but I just love seeing the guy's reaction. So meaningful and sweet.

The building had fantastic acoustics, which caused me and several of my cousins (and then aunts) to sneak back in after the ceremony and sing. Because really, how could we let all those perfectly good acoustics go to waste? We could not. And we did not. 

After the wedding festivities died down a few of us went to the beach, where I was surprised to find the water wasn't all THAT cold, even by my standards. I wasn't foolish enough to swim, though, oh no. =)

Perhaps pictures/audio will be added to this post, perhaps not. It all depends if I can tether to Superman's phone tomorrow or not. =)

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