Friday, August 5, 2011

Rehearsal dinner!

At a park!

Remember that carne asada I pictured a few days back? Well we ate it yesterday and it was every bit as delicious as I expected it to be.

The mother of the groom (aka my aunt) kept me busy most of the day (along with a godsend named Jed) accumulating various necessary items for the dinner and then as we ran out of time (as we always do) she sent other people scrambling for last LAST minute things and then gave me and Jed a run down of what was left to do and all that needed to be transported to the park where we'd eat. Oh yeah, the carne asada was grilled by a godsend named Geo.

So we did do all that was left to do (along with a godsend named Mary) and then transported it all to the park (along with a godsend named Daniel) and set it up.

And then we waited for the people to arrive, which they did, a little later than expected

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