Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's like a rule

Whenever I have time to write, I don't feel particularly inspired to write. Whenever I do not have time and cannot stop to write, I am inspired by all kinds of things.

Guess which time this is. =)

I had a fantastic time in Maine. We made it there in near record time and I was impressed we managed to arrive only a few hours later than intended.

Many pictures from the trip are still on my phone. This is rather unfortunate, as I'd like to intersperse them in my posts but cannot because my phone charger - OH WAIT. I think I can. But I don't have time right now.

Anyhow, I left home at 9:30 am or so on Saturday and we drove around the clock until we arrived in Iowa Falls late Sunday night to sleep in real beds and take showers (and also jump on the trampoline and pet dogs and cats and visit with my second cousin and play with a cool disco ball thing for pools.)

The next day we continued on and suffered through several bouts of road construction (in the middle of the day! I don't understand it! Stopped! Completely!) before FINALLY making it to Indiana where, OMG, dude, I got to meet in actual REAL LIFE the person1 I have known only online for the longest time out of anyone I've known only online. I've been reading his site for ten years. So that was surreal and awesome and all kinds of crazy cool and I really should have taken more pictures. We had dinner with him and his wife, and then got a tour of the library where his wife works and then had some delicious ice cream at a local ice cream parlor and then went to their apartment where we SANG. Dude. It was awesome. I finally had to tear myself away at 11 pm or so (hoping their neighbors wouldn't complain about the noise of the singing the next day!) so we could get back on the road.

The next day we stopped in Amish country, in search of meat. We ended up getting a bunch of other stuff instead - I don't recall what. Then it was back on the road once more until we arrived in New York (at 3 am) in the driveway of my uncle's sister where we slept in the van until it was a more reasonable hour. She was happy to see us and invited us in for breakfast and showers (yay!)

We found the meat we needed and pressed on (stopping briefly for ice cream) to arrive in Augusta, Maine around 7:30 pm on Wednesday. So. Cross country drive in five days? Not bad. Could have made even better time had we not stopped as frequently and for as long as we did.


1Krud, of course.


  1. Sure, less frequent and shorter stops may have meant that you'd have "made better time," but would you have "had a better time"? I think not. =)