Friday, August 5, 2011

I wanted a nickname.

I'll be attending a wedding at which there will be many people who either are attending or have attended or have graduated from LeTourneau University. Apparently the thing to do at LETU is to get nicknamed. And I was feeling left out, so "Apple" and "Staples" kindly provided me with me a nickname. This is how we (and by we I mean they) got there. I like the process. I still protest that it's too difficult to remember to say correctly but as I already have a few useful nicknames I doubt it'll stick. I'm honored to have an honorary nickname, at least, though later I discovered it's mostly just a guy thing. Ah well. =)

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  1. R.G. LeTourneau is an amazing man. If you ever get a chance to read his autobiography (_Mover_of_Men_and_Mountains_), by all means, do it.Oh, and if you need something to celebrate, I finally, finally found employment!