Monday, July 11, 2011

The flesh is SO weak.

Guess what.

I heard about a free exercise class at my church. And? It has free childcare. Obviously I had to go, what excuse is there NOT to? A friend and I checked it out and promptly got our post-pregnancy, lazy butts kicked. By a nice church lady! Older than us! And she smiled while she led us in various agonizing contortions that rendered us laughingly weak and pathetic for DAYS after!

So that's what I do on Monday and Thursday nights now. It feels GOOD to be getting stronger. And endorphins are always welcome, too.


I struggle to remain "in the moment" a lot of the time. My mind wanders away. I'm easily caught up in almost anything else except staying involved with what's physically right in front of me (not including the laptop). Every so often, though, I'll have days or periods of time when everything snaps into almost painfully sharp focus and I obey, because how can I not? There is no other way to be. I LIVE in the moment, and it feels good.

I've had a few days like that, recently. Suddenly I have this well of self control and the ability to accurately prioritize little and big picture things as they come at me. It's been nice, in a disconcerting sort of way.

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