Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just in case Righteous Fresh just doesn't cut it for you.


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  1. Hey, WE use that toothpaste! Except I don't think it's spearmint ice. Wanna say it's called... *goes and looks at the tube* Here it is. Wintermint. (We've gotten other types, too. This current one doesn't say "wicked fresh," but I know the first one we got did. But anyway...)

  2. Shouldn't that be on the peppermint variety? Someone needs to straighten out their marketing department.

  3. I got a sample of that a while back. Thought it was hilarious. Marketing departments...not sure what happens at some of those meetings that result is things like this, Tacoma's new push to get people to change their shopping habits from big-box to local boxes: Shift Happens. Really?? THAT'S what they came up with?!? *whips head as the handbasket to Hell flies by*