Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rosy boa


Niloticus always has a variety of reptiles around. (At one time there was a (caged) rattlesnake under his bed.) Lucky for us, he likes to share! Val was very interested in holding this snake and listened carefully to all Niloticus told her about it. Elaine pet the snake willingly enough but wasn't too fond of his ever-flicking tongue.

He (the snake) will be fed tomorrow and I have to decide before then whether or not I want the girls to see the snake kill and eat a live mouse. Hmm. Probably not, but I'm not sure. It would be a really cool learning experience, but I suppose since *I* might have trouble watching it (but then, I worked with mice for a few years; they were my babies!) I won't encourage them to. But what if Val wants to watch? Thoughts?

Also, the snake needs a name. Niloticus currently refers to him as "male number one." I am not surprised as he would have happily called Methylene "cat" had I not come up with such a cool name. I think there are two male rosy boas that don't have names. Suggestions?


  1. I vote to let #1 decide for herself. You'll probably prefer to be out of doors for the snake's mealtime...

  2. I can't help you there. Earlier this year, a stray cat we took in gave birth to kittens, which I often refer to as Cat 1, Cat 2, & Cat 3.Hmmm. How about Zabimaru?