Sunday, October 17, 2010


You know its been a successful game night when there's leftover liquid nitrogen in a thermos on your counter after everyone's gone home.

Some used it to freeze off warts. I did not, though I probably should have. The liquid nitrogen was also used to make ice cream, freeze pennies (which were then smashed into fragments with a hammer), freeze (and then smash) a rose, make liquid oxygen (!!!), set off my tea kettle whistle (boiling at -320 degrees F!) and many other cool (hah!) demonstrations. Knowing a junior high science teacher who LOVES what he does certainly has its benefits!

The guitar was played (by the aforementioned science teacher) and we all learned and then sang along to nerdy science songs (he knew the elements song by heart!)

Lulu did face paint for the kids and a few teenage boys in attendance practiced riding the unicycle. The kids climbed and played and swung and chased and shouted and ran.

Later we sang hymns and other songs around the piano. It was a night full of fun, family and friends. The kind of night I wish could go on forever. Loud talking and laughing. Smiles. Songs. (OK, and a few screeching kids here and there.)

Then we cleaned up and went to bed and were kept up half the night by coughing, crying kids. Of course.


I'd have pictures to share, but I'm on my third (and last) memory card before I'm absolutely, absolutely out of room. I refuse to offload the pics on my hard drive before organizing and deleting them. I've got a few years worth of photos to work with before I can free up the space. My plan is to pick out my favorites and make a photo book for each year.

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