Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love and marriage

Val, telling me a story of her own invention: ...and then there was a store with all the princess dresses in it, like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella and then Mommy bought Val a princess dress! AAAAAAAAND there was a prince *giggle*

Me: Oh really? Did you say there was a prince too?

Val, grinning: Yeah. *pause* Mom, what's 'fall in love'?

Me: It's when you love someone SOOOOOOOOOOO much and you think they are so wonderful and you think about them all the time. When you were born Daddy and I fell in love with you. And I fell in love with Daddy before we got married.

Val: Oh. I want to fall in love.

Me: Well sweetie, usually people fall in love when they're older.

Val, scowling: But I want to fall in love RIGHT NOW.


Thanks, Disney. Thanks a whole lot.

Fortunately Val is still planning to marry Daddy, despite my insistence he's already taken.


  1. just make sure you tell her to go to college and find out what she wants to do in life before she falls in love. i think that's important. :) but i'm pretty sure this is all premature anyway because she's only 3? 4? :)

  2. Seriously, Disney. It's already something that freakin' rules peoples lives as adults. Is really neccessary to encourage it?