Saturday, October 30, 2010

For today, October 30

Outside my window is the front yard, because I'm sitting in the car (yes with my laptop) with a sleeping Elaine, waiting for Superman to finish assembling the freshly pink bunk bed.

I am thinking that I should probably push myself more when running. Went running with a friend (about 3 miles? didn't run the whole way!) this morning and got my butt kicked. And she has 4 kids that are 2 years apart and the youngest is 9 months. I have no excuses.

I am thankful that Superman works with people he can also call friends.

I am wearing too-tight jeans. But they're so long I just can't bear to part with them. Yet.

I am remembering what it's like to live in a small, cozy house and looking forward to moving into a smaller place.

I am reading all the books on my bookshelf that I haven't read yet.

I am going to enjoy decorating each room, I think.

I am currently antsy to go to a hair stylist to learn how the heck to take care of my hair.

I am hoping that going to counseling will help my perspective. Have been very weary lately.

I am singing modern hymns.

On my mind: love and logic.

Latest obsession: minimalist living as it applies to my wardrobe. Making a list of what I feel would be sufficient clothing, and then weeding out clothes while making a list of things I do need. I want to spend money on good quality clothes and I find it's easier to do when there's a space to fill on my list.

Noticing that I don't find comfort in very much very often. Letting others meet certain needs is a foreign concept to me.

Pondering these words: "The body is refreshed by sleep, but the heart/soul is not." John Piper paraphrase. Wanting to regularly do things that refresh my heart and soul.

From the kitchen: a stack of dirty dishes. The problem with making dinner from scratch every night is the dishes that overrun the counter.

Around the house I'm thinking about picture frame arrangements.

One of my favorite things Parenthood, the show.

From my picture journal: Here I am with Val (and 3 months pregnant with Elaine) on one of my favorite beaches in the world, Cardiff by the Sea.


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