Thursday, October 14, 2010

For today, October 14

Outside my window sand and pretzels are waiting to be swept off the bricks.

I am thinking that I am crazy for inviting so many people to my house on Saturday. But after it's over the fun we have always outweighs (by FAR) the work required to pull it off.

I am thankful for my health.

I am wearing yoga pants with flowers embroidered on them.

I am remembering that I need to spot clean the carpet and couches.

I am reading Isaiah.

I am going food shopping, and then running.

I am currently quite content with my decision to quit Facebook (for the second and hopefully final time!)

I am hoping for a long nap time today!

I am singing the praises of my floor-clearing husband!

On my mind: new habits I need to form.

Latest obsession: barefoot running. Not sure what my conclusion is yet; I want to try it first.

Noticing that my attitude has an emormous effect on the general mood of my family. This is both flattering and depressing.

Pondering these words: "Just as the sun melts wax but hardens concrete, the more one resists God's truth, the less that one is able to receive it." (BSF notes)

From the kitchen: a whole lotta nothing. Need to make bread.

Around the house I am still in minimalist mode. Thinning out stuff and thinking about room themes and colors and decorations.

One of my favorite things hours and hours of quiet.

From my picture journal: Methyl in a basket. I miss her.


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