Sunday, October 10, 2010


Tonight I'll be sleeping in the same room I lived in throughout college. I love this house. I love that it gets to remain in the family. It's always felt like home.

Even though my grandma doesn't live here anymore, I still see her in my mind's eye... standing at the kitchen sink, looking up and smiling through the window at me as I pull into the driveway. The back porch door slams behind me. I take the stairs two at a time up to drop my books into the room with no screens on the windows (better to climb out and sit on the roof while talking on the phone) and then bound back down the stairs two (or three) at a time to sit at the kitchen table and visit.

Earlier we hung out at SAJ's beach (though I'm pretty sure my family laid claim to it long before she was born) and before that we met up with the founders of the American Curl cat breed (my aunt and uncle) to play with some cats before they continued on their way to New York.

Check back later for (more) pictures. This post isn't complete. (Posterous was down at the time I wanted to post/edit so I'm posting via email.)

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  1. Excellent shot of #1 running. I miss that beach! Thrilled that the grands are having such a good time there.