Sunday, September 19, 2010


Fifteen minute post! Here we go.

Today I received a card from the vet's office that put Jackson down. They wrote sweet personal messages and included his paw print on the card. I bawled. I don't just want another dog. I want THAT DOG.

Today I tried to watch a live streaming sermon from our church. I was interrupted approximately 87 times, despite the fact that I had set the kids up with their own movie.

Today I discovered I've lost four pounds in as many days. Must resume calorie consumption. Even when I have absolutely no appetite. Food is such a hassle.

Today I took Elaine to the doctor and she is now on antibiotics for an ear infection. Last night was miserable for both of us, and I hope we both get some relief tonight.

Today I spun my wheels again, trying to decide which pressing household task/chore was the highest priority. Instead of getting something done, I sat on the couch with a sick toddler and read a book (on how to develop patience!) while she slept (and drooled) on my chest.

Today I dropped off Superman at work, again, and was saved from the temperamental gate by a few of his coworkers leaving the office. I swear that gate has it in for me.

Today I paid the Macy's bill, which was overdue, with a balance of $27. Overdue because I am notoriously bad at checking the mail and we do every other banking action online.

Today I got a package in the mail (actually several days ago; I check the mail once a week or less) from a lifelong friend. It made my night.

Today I have tried to adjust my attitude from one of "poor me" to one of graceful acceptance. I can't say that it's gone very well. But there's always tomorrow!

Today I have tried to memorize the verses to an old hymn.

Today I had at least two bloggable conversations with Val and can remember neither of them in enough detail. Must make writing them down as soon as they happen more of a priority! One of them involved God telling me to go to In N Out and the other one had to do with her not wanting me to feel bad because I'm shorter than Superman and she is going to grow up to be as tall as her daddy, and not me. "Well, you're a little shorter, Mom." (Said very apologetically and kindly, so as not to hurt my short little feelings.)

Today I considered gym membership (again) and I think I'll actually follow through this time. I need it for so many reasons.

Today I decided to go to bed early. Goodnight.

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  1. 1. I know this could sound insultingly cliche, Jackson is in a better place, and you'll see him again one day. You haven't lost him; he's just waiting for you on the other side. I know that's pitiful condolence.2. Joining a gym sounds like a dapper idea. Many of them have child care services, so it could give you a reprieve from the non stop demands of parenting while getting you an endorphine boost to help you through the rest of the day. Also, I know some gyms give discounts to law enforcement officers and their immediately family members, so be sure to ask about that.