Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dog theology

What're you looking at, Mommy?

I was just trying to see what Tesla was watching in the backyard.

I think she is looking for dogs.

Oh really? I think she saw a squirrel.

We don't have any dogs. One died and one went to live at someone else's house.


Does that make you sad?

Yes, I'm sad.

You are sad Jackson died?

Yes, I'm very sad. I miss him. I wish he didn't die.

Do everyone that falls out of trucks dies?

No, not everyone that falls out of a truck dies, but Jackson was hurt so much that he didn't get better and then he died.

Oh. But he has a new friend to play with, named... GOD!


Yes! And that can make him happy!

(She came up with this all on her own. We haven't even talked about death and people and heaven all that much, let alone DOGS.)