Thursday, August 19, 2010

Posts-R-US, baby!

So hopefully you're seeing this because you're at, and not because you got here via Twitter or Facebook, but if you did, hopefully the URL up there reads Especially if it's after midnight.


Any time I go into GoDaddy's domain controls I fear ruining "everything" and somehow jacking up the site. So far I've managed to follow step by step directions, but Posterus didn't help things when it told me, "If there are existing [A records], you may have to delete them, or be sure to handle any conflicts intelligently" as part of the directions for DNS set up.


Hah. As if I know how to handle any sort of computer conflicts intelligently. I distinctly recall sharing a PC with my cousin while we were in college and it was general knowledge that if the computer HEARD you speak of it in a disparaging tone, well, then it would eat your floppy disk (can you believe I used FLOPPY DISKS in college?!?) or mangle your word doc or take 3 additional hours to download the four songs you wanted from Napster. (Remember Napster?!)


Anyhow, I just deleted the A records for Squarespace and plugged in the one for Posterous and I'm hoping for the best.


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  1. FLOPPY DISKS! Wow, it doesn't even seem that long ago but we started 10 years ago! I got here via twitter but it says for the site. But these posts aren't coming up in my google feed reader thing...