Friday, August 20, 2010

Nearly home free

I'm on edge.

Superman has two weeks off (the first week was scheduled, the second is purely coincidental) and I think I need the break at least as much as he does.

It's hard, thinking your kids are YOURS and then realizing they aren't, really, and nearly anything can happen to them at any time... and you can't control it, or at least not half as much as you thought you could. But you do control enough of it to be able to blame yourself anytime something goes slightly (or non-slightly) awry.

Also, I hate carpet. Carpet is gross. Yes, this may be because I am currently the owner of three long-haired pets, two of which are over 75 pounds, and all of which have had particularly bad cases of fleas. I've never had a flea problem like this before! I wonder if it's due to the raging squirrel population in these parts. Frontline didn't eliminate it completely so I've purchased bombs/sprays to knock EVERYthing out and hopefully that'll be the end of it.

The last thing I need is for us to get flea bites that could be infected with MRSA. I wish MRSA was bright orange so I could just SEE where it is or IF it is and then scour the heck out of wherever it was.

Tomorrow begins day one of Superman's mid-life crisis birthday extravaganza. He's signed up to participate in a triathlon AFTER working a 12 hour shift. Thinks he's still young and resilient, does he? We'll see about that. We're waking up early to go cheer him on and then drive him home straight to bed. Other events in the mid-life crisis extravaganza include sky-diving, seeing Wicked (nothing to do with mid-life, just something he's wanted to do since the beginning) and of course a birthday party at which we will mourn his old age (30!) and I'll suggest he get a tattoo like this.

Back to parenting. I really think Val is having a hard time with all the attention Elaine has been getting ever since that fateful day. I know I'm probably subconsciously paying more close attention to Elaine than Val and I hate that. I've tried to make a concerted effort to connect with Val and to have equal one-on-one time with her, but I'm sad to say that she has really gotten probably mostly leftovers from me over the past few months. Ugh. How do you fix that? I just feel spread so thinly. Of course my needs were the first to go. Why does it have to effect her too? I can't do it all.

So I escape and make poor decisions that stack up until everything is screaming for attention. Which is overwhelming.

Like I said, two weeks of Superman being home with us will be wonderful.

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  1. We just got laminate wood flooring installed and I LOVE IT. I hated the carpet, it was killer with my allergies. It looks fantastic, is easy to maintain and is supposed to be great w/ kids (dent + scratch resistant). Highly recommended! J could probably install it himself but if you hire people, do NOT go with the Home Dept - their quote was around $8400 (mostly labor + weird extra labor costs like an extra $250 because we have a fireplace, and extra $200 to carry the laminate inside (separate from delivery fee, etc). and we went with a small independent flooring place, got better quality laminate + baseboards installed for $5200 (1040 square feet).