Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ran across this article at Scientific American about a test that claims to be able to discern attitudes and biases toward something that the person isn't even aware of.

You can try it yourself, here, on all kinds of topics ranging from religion to weapons. I did one on gender and science. It's interesting to view the results and then try and decide if that is really an attitude you hold, or is it just a matter of living in today's world and experiencing the "norm" for where you are.

There's one on relationships, too. Something to do with measuring the quality of your relationship by testing you and your partner in a number of different areas. Of course I want to try this one out just to see what it says, but have to get Superman on board first.


  1. Interesting. I just did the religion one, and I think I got more confused than anything else, between which religion I was "rating." It told me I had the highest preference for Islam!

  2. Verrrry interesting. Thanks for sharing this!