Friday, August 6, 2010

For today, August 6

Outside my window it's dark. The dogs are being quiet for once, so they get to hang out on the cool grass a little longer before I call them in for the night.

I am thinking that a little maintenance each day is better than frantic, massive house cleaning events once in a blue moon. I am also thinking that a little maintenance each day is to tiresome and wouldn't I rather eat ice cream and blog instead? Oh wait. I am. But the house looks awesome, thanks to my mother, who cleaned the entire kitchen and family room in the time it took for us to visit the ER last night.

I am thankful for Elaine not minding walking on her ankle today.

I am wearing socks AND shoes because I'm suddenly a germaphobe (for me) and had to visit the pediatrician's office today.

I am remembering what it felt like to surrender control and just rest.

I am going to be relieved and grateful beyond belief when Elaine's right arm can return to it's proper use and when she will no longer need the antibiotics.

I am currently reading Sheep in a Jeep (on a hill that's steep.)

I am hoping my brother will turn in some fast times when he races tomorrow and Sunday. And also not get hurt doing so. 

On my mind: Our car situation. 

Noticing that my neck hurts. I need a massage and also need to build some muscle strength.

Pondering these words: once you've surrendered to the idea that you ARE in pain and WILL BE in pain, the pain becomes much easier to deal with.

From the kitchen there arises a chorus of joy and gratitude to the dish-washing army called my mother.

Around the house there are probably too many graham cracker crumbs.

One of my favorite things is when Elaine wraps herself around me and pushes her head into my neck to be as close to me as possible while we rock together in the chair.

From my picture journal: This was taken about a year ago.



  1. I LOVE the daddy/daughter pic.Can your mom please come over to my house too after our baby's born?=)

  2. Dishes could get done only because "Grumper" sat on the couch and read books. Proudly, "Grummer" (an improvement from the previous "Bummer")