Thursday, August 5, 2010

For today, August 5

Outside my window... it's a beautiful day. A little on the windy side. Very unfortunate that Val broke my hammock chair, or I would have spent their nap time in it, reading a book and rocking.

I am thinking... about faith and trust and where it is being actively practiced in my life. Also about being a better wife for Superman in the ways that are important to him, not just the ways I think are important to him. Or the ways I think should be important to him.

I am thankful for... Elaine's finger looking SO good, and for a smaller cast that's easier for us to work around.

I am wearing... pigtails and cargo pants.

I am remembering... not to take my husband's job for granted.

I am going... to be the epitome of productivity. Just as soon as I finish this entry. And maybe check Twitter. Or Facebook. Or my RSS feed.

I am currently reading... How We Love WORKBOOK. It's hard.

I am hoping... to change some really hard habits to change. But I've seen tiny bits of progress... so hooray!

On my mind... the Cannonball Bandits, of course! Go Bandits! Come on, Organizers Choice three-peat!

Noticing that... my control of the internet is slipping and it's been controlling me, lately.

Pondering these words... what is Superman's biggest complaint about me?

From the kitchen... there arises an army of dirty dishes, and not a single army to clean them.

Around the house... I need to put a few more systems into place to make organizing and cleaning easier.

One of my favorite things... is chunky artichoke jalapeno dip from Costco, heated up, on chips.

From my picture journal... I took this (note the stunning wardrobe) after I nursed Elaine for the last time. Oh I love her. Oh those months were rough. Oh I'll never forget.


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  1. I think it's great that you want to be the wife your husband needs, but I am guessing that you are one of those people for whom perfectionism and the impossibility of achieving the ideal in your head can cripple you, right? I bet you're not as bad as you fear. I know whenever I tell my husband that I realize how much harder I am to live with than he is, he always disagrees with me. Which of course is one of the reasons he's a better person than I am, but I digress. ;-)I think I'm going to use this meme, okay?