Sunday, August 29, 2010

For today, August 29

Outside my window is a yard that has been enjoyed by many family members this afternoon.

I am thinking that I'll see if I can teach myself to ride a unicycle before Superman can. Don't have much time to commit to it, though.

I am thankful for my family and how fun it is to be with them.

I am wearing super low rise jeans and a shirt that keeps sliding up (irritating.)

I am remembering to do something with the box of peaches my mother left me.

I am going to dinner with my beloved brother soon. I hope.

I am currently reading Ephesians.

I am hoping that Elaine will get the wire out of her finger on Wednesday.

On my mind: minimalist thinking and living.

Noticing that I have been able to ask for what I need, emotionally, at least once. Record! =)

Pondering these words: Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

From the kitchen: party leftovers: lasagna, potato salad, caesar salad, fruit, garlic bread and punch.

Around the house I am trying to establish places to put cleaning supplies for that room/area IN that room/area.

One of my favorite things is when Elaine comes running to me, shouting "mommy! mommy!" and when I pick her up she squeezes my neck and presses her head into my cheek while wrapping her legs around my torso.

From my picture journal: Superman doing a tandem jump for his birthday! (P.S. I did not take this picture. =) )


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