Sunday, August 22, 2010

For today, August 22

Outside my window is where all the cool air is. I have a nearly nightly debate with myself on whether or not to leave which windows open all night long. In the last town we lived in I read a news article (don't think it happened in our town, but one nearby) on how a man (rapist? I can't remember) used opened windows to break into houses. So now it's hard for me to go to bed with any window open.

I am thinking that it's very unlikely someone will break through the screened windows to terrorize me. But still.

I am thankful for Elaine going one complete week with no antibiotics and no adverse effects.

I am wearing a new black belt and toe nail polish that needs to be re-done.

I am remembering my time alone with Superman this afternoon.

I am going to bed, I swear.

I am currently reading Nothing at all. I need a good book.

I am hoping the fleas will leave forever.

On my mind: my husband.

Noticing that I've been online too much.

Pondering these words: cry if you must - but privately cry! (Ruth Bell Graham)

From the kitchen: lots of spaghetti sauce and chicken broth jars thawing to make room for the 70 pounds of home-grown pork that now sits in the garage freezer

Around the house I am slowly minimalizing.

One of my favorite things talking with Val and learning about her ideas and how she thinks.

From my picture journal: Taken a few months before Elaine was born.



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  1. Minimal chances anyone could get through your back yard without being accosted by TWO large-teethed German Shepherds...