Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brain dump

I wasn't born with curly hair, it was very fine and thin. Here's a picture of my hair before kids:


I have curly hair now. It's still very fine, but there's so dang much of it that it gives the illusion of thickness. Here's a picture of my hair now. Apparently, Elaine and I had a fake smile contest; who do you think should win?


I have no idea why it's changed - the only thing I can think of is two pregnancies and the hormones that go along with that. It's also gotten less and less blonde as I've gotten older. My mom's hair did that too. She was a total towhead and now her hair is dark brown.

I don't know anything about hair, and that includes my own hair. The extent of my hair care and style routine has gone somewhat like like this:

1. Shampoo
2. Condition
3. Air-dry
4. Pony tail

I've recently eliminated the shampoo/condition part and replaced it with baking soda and vinegar because it's cheap and I get exactly the same results (minus the fruity 'clean' smell and minus the exposure to various chemicals I may or may not be excited about rubbing into my scalp on a regular basis.)

Wearing my hair down has become fairly impossible. My hair is frizzy and the slightest breeze blows it into my eyes or mouth or both which I CANNOT stand. I dutifully got a straightener and though it was certainly easier to wear down when straight, it took me at least half an hour to straighten it and I quickly wearied of holding my arms above my head (see also: french braids.)

I don't even remember how I ran across this website, but it's awesome for a newbie curly person like me. It's a tad overwhelming, but I'm learning and hopefully I'll soon discover how to get my hair to do something other than a pony tail. This is another site that I've been reading, especially in knowing how to cut curly hair. It would seem that not many stylists are really knowledgeable about that. My hair has layers now, with lots chopped off in the back to keep it from poofing (but it still does) but I think I'd like to have longer hair overall with less layers.

What do you think? (Tara and Karen, especially!) I had no idea I wasn't supposed to brush it when it's dry (though it makes sense!) or that some people wash their hair only with conditioner. Whole new world.


In other news, Elaine has been off the anti-MRSA antibiotics for two days now and has appeared to be completely fine. I am relieved, but await the blood work that will be done on Monday to confirm the absence of infection (though I would think we'd see symptoms before then if the MRSA wasn't gone.)


In still other news, I'm feeling depressed. I think it's mostly because for the past several weeks I've more or less been on high alert about the MRSA and Elaine's general well being. And now my body's just reverting to the other extreme in an attempt at overall homeostasis.

Sucks to be feeling down, though, especially with two little people looking to you for, oh, everything, especially emotional well-being, which is kind of tough to provide when you aren't feeling particularly emotionally healthy.

I've been doing much better at dissociating the depression from ME. I know this sounds so cheesy, but the depression does not define me, it's just something that I have to deal with. When I think of it that way it makes it a lot easier to prevent my head from taking off down the mental pathways that are so familiar but SO unhelpful for emerging from the depression sooner.


In still OTHER news, Superman and I have really been liking the whole idea of minimalist living. There's tons of articles all over the web, but here's just one site that I've spent just a little time on. I haven't had a lot of time to look around, but I think this lines up quite well with my frugal nature and the recession and such. So many people's lives are so cluttered with stuff I think they don't really understand what truly makes them happy and fulfilled. Stuff doesn't make anyone happy and fulfilled in the long run.


Thus concludes my brain dump.


  1. Minimalism is awesome, especially when your older. I can only imagine how awesome it would be not to be encumbered by having to inevitably clean out my Dad's old house, which is filled with years, and years, and years, and years, and years, and yeeeeeaaaaarrrrrs of (now) useless junk.

  2. The curly hair part caught my eye as I was headed out. I'm going to come back later and finish reading this post but just wanted to say that you look soooo fantastic!

  3. *sigh* I so so wish that we were neighbors or something, so we could hang out with you guys more than one weekend a decade. (Nothing to do with hair.)

  4. So funny. My hair is now practically STRAIGHT (okay, a tiny bit wavy) after two kids. So I guess we swapped. Definitely find a good (non-alcohol, preferably) product that's specifically FOR curly hair and then work a little in, lightly scrunch and/or twirl a few main pieces around your finger and leave it be. You're right: don't brush, you'll fluff right up. :) Your hair looks *really* cute curly! I ended up finding a slightly pricier salon after too many BAD haircuts from the cheapo places. But my stylist knows my hair type and does all kinds of shaping/layering so that it lays nicely... well, nicely-ish. :) I hope you feel better soon... I think it's great how open you have been about your journey though depression. We are all rooting for you!

  5. I used to have stick-straight hair too, before I had Annalie. My hair isn't what I'd call curly now, but it's definitely wavy, and it's several shades darker than it was before pregnancy. I have other friends who've had similar things happen to their hair during pregnancy...and now that I think about it, they're all blondes. I wonder if that's a coincidence.I think it's great, not cheesy, that you're separating yourself from the depression. Because depression isn't you, it's a disease you have to deal with, just like you'd deal with, say, an infection. :-) Simple as that.

  6. >"Stuff doesn't make anyone happy and fulfilled in the long run."Yes, agreed. (He said somewhat hypocritically from his couch, typing on his computer, while eating chips and salsa in a climate-controlled building paid for with decorative slips of cloth-like paper.)