Saturday, August 7, 2010

boringboringboring... OMG!

I really really really wanted to go to the Lemons race tomorrow to cheer on the Bandits, but alas, it probably wouldn't be in the best interest of my kids. Mostly Elaine. For the next nine days I want to do everything within my power to promote healthy immune systems and that means sticking to the regular, boring routine and getting lots of rest in her own bed.

I think her ankle joint really was starting to form an abscess, and she didn't just twist it, because she's walking on it like nothing happened. The only thing that changed was resuming antibiotics. The first round of antibiotics I went with more "three times a day" instead of strictly every 8 hours (pharmacist said that was fine) because I didn't want to have to wake her up. No more. She gets her meds at 7 am, 3 pm and 11 pm. I have alarms set on my phone. She did fine with me waking her up last night. I want that MRSA GONE.

I am going to be taking Val to church tomorrow because she's begging to go. Initially I explained that we wouldn't go because Elaine is sick (she has a cough/cold virus on TOP of this) but this was met with much disappointment. She then told me that she wasn't sick and she could still go and me and Elaine could just play together and the teachers would watch her. I thought that sounded logical enough... I don't know where Elaine and I will play (there are several play grounds on campus, but used by other Sunday school classes at various times) but we'll figure something out.

Holy COW. I think I just heard someone get tased and/or shot on the street behind our backyard. Sirens, shouting over the PA, "get your hands on your head, get your hands on your head!" More sirens. Then "GET ON THE GROUND GET ON THE GROUND!" Then a pop followed by a male shouting/yelling in pain.

Good LORD. I could hear the normal voices of the cops and then the beep of the radiohead in their cars (assuming the car door was open.)

I let the dogs out. I would like everyone to know in the immediate region that there are two LARGE dogs with a LARGE bark and LARGE teeth in my backyard.

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