Tuesday, July 20, 2010



I could fall over in a weepy, grateful heap right now.

I sort of already did, after they put her in my arms post-surgery and un-hooked and un-clipped almost everything from her. She was fussy, not all the way awake but awake enough to know my arms and voice and quiet down (one of my favorite things about being a mother.) I calmed her down until she fell asleep and then everyone left and I sat there alone, staring at her gorgeous face, kissing her and whispering to her and God through my thankful tears.


Of course she did fine. Everything was fine. There were no problems with the anesthesia. Surgery went just like the surgeon thought it would. He repaired the tendon and her index and middle fingers are in a cast that extends all the way past her elbow (to be sure she can't do anything to wiggle it off.)

She slept off the anesthesia and then woke up in a very pleasant mood to enjoy an otter pop and graham cracker before going home.

The nurse said she might throw up on the car ride home and then expected her to sleep for several more hours. She also probably wouldn't be as coordinated as usual, so make sure to watch her and help her as needed.


Elaine never threw up, ate a moderately-sized lunch, took a 15 minute nap and appears to be exactly as coordinated as usual. She seems to be hardly in any pain at all (thank you, meds!) and has accepted the cast a lot more willingly then I expected.


  1. I'm glad that everything went so well and you have that sweet girl back at home with you where she belongs :) Can I tell you how much that before picture cracks me up... Superman did such a great impression of it at dinner the other night!

  2. Oh my! Glad to hear that she pulled through just fine. Maddy had to go under anesthesia once and it was scary. So hard to see our little ones so vulnerable. Speedy recovery to Elaine.

  3. Well, big fat surprise that I cried just looking at the picture of you holding her afterwards!!!! So happy it's all over and she's handling it so well--although that doesn't surprise me too much, because a girl that can scream like that one pic doesn't just lay down and take stuff;).

  4. Good,I prayed for her this morning while driving to the airport.