Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I nearly burned the house down!

OK, so it wasn’t really all THAT dramatic, but there was a real, live fire on my stove top for a few seconds.

I turned on the wrong (glass-top) burner, and someone (perhaps Superman, but one can’t be sure) had left a pamphlet on that wrong burner.

Fortunately I noticed the smoke (huh, I thought it would take longer then that for the water to boil!) and then fire (OK now I KNOW that’s not water boiling) and leaped into action before any damage (to anything other than the pamphlet) was done.

And now I’m sitting here in the family room, fans on, windows and doors open, waiting for the burned smell to subside.


I’m also waiting for the internet to come back. Superman spent the afternoon crawling around the attic poking wires here and there, drilling holes and driving to and from Fry’s Electronics. He only wanted to drive to and from Fry’s once, but he got to do it twice because he’s special like that.

Soon, we will have all the internet “things” (and by “things” I mean the collection of little boxes with pretty blinking lights that make the internet work) on a shelf near the ceiling in our entryway closet. This means they will NOT be cluttering up the office desktop. In fact, the goal is to get all computer and officey things out of the office and into the living room so that the office can become a bedroom.

Spare bedroom for now (come visit!) but possibly foster care bedroom in the distant future.


I mentioned a while back (via Twitter, I believe) that I would not be tweezing my eyebrows for three weeks. Operation eyebrow takeover has not been as hostile as I originally thought. The three week mark was last Wednesday and I do believe I’ll continue to let my eyebrow(s) do their thing until about a week before the wedding.


There's a possibility that the external hard drive we (are supposed to) back up our data to is ruined and that I have therefore lost a few years worth of pictures. My worst fear. I distrust anything that isn't able to be held in my hands, tangibly. I hope to goodness this isn't the case. I would have lost Val's birth and babyhood as well as lots of our first and second years together. I know they're just pictures.... but if any of you have any recommendations on what to do in the future for back-up let me know please!

Superman is thinking about something like Carbonite. I'd rather not entrust my personal data to strangers, though, no matter how much it's encrypted. I mean, I know I already do this online with banking and stuff. And email. So I guess why not just throw it all out there? *sigh*


  1. For corrupted files, rather than a crashed hard disk, I recommend QuickPar, an open source program. It creates parity files which can be used to recover corrupted files. I hear that CDs and DVDs will degrade over time, and so it would be a Good Thing to include parity files on the disk. They do take up extra room.Be Good

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Mountain_Incorporated"The best known Iron Mountain storage facility is a high-security storage facility in a former limestone mine at Boyers, Pennsylvania near the city of Butler in the United States. It began storing records in 1954 and was purchased by Iron Mountain in 1998. It is here that Bill Gates stores his Corbis photographic collection in a refrigerated cave 220 feet (67 m) underground.[1]"

  3. For backup, you can burn DVD's of your photos. Good quality DVDs last for several years, so every few years you can reburn (next time on BluRay for fewer DVDs?). The best storage is the old mag tape, such as zip drives. Or, buy another 1+ GB external drive for quite a bit less than $100 now, and keep a second copy there. Use that drive every quarter only for archive.-tbo

  4. Yay for blinking lights up high... we have those too. Also, we've had trouble with back up external drives going bad too. What's up with that? Toby says he thinks the only way to keep them working is to use them more often. He has a theory that they go bad because they sit inactive. But I'm probably missing the logical scientific reason because when he explains that part I glaze over.