Thursday, June 3, 2010

Aftermath of all-night overtime

7:00 am

me: Hi. Good morning. Why aren't you in bed?

him: I'm just doing some stuff with the network. I had breakfast. I have court later.

me: OK, well are you at least going to take a nap or something?

him: No, I'll just stay up. I'll be fine.


9:00 am

He's still on the computer. He steps into and out of the entry closet as the network goes on and offline.

me: You really should try and get some sleep.

him: I'm just a little tired. Might as well stay up.

me: OK, whatever you think...


11:00 am

He installs a swing in the backyard for the kids and a hammock chair for me. I make lunch.


12:00 pm

He leaves for court.


4:00 pm

He gets home.

me: Hey, where were you?

him: I had to finish up some paperwork at the office.

me: Ok, well what do you want to do now? Take a quick nap before dinner? Then we can go to bed early?

him: No, I'll be ok.

He lies down on the bed next to a sleeping Val.

me: Are you sure? I can tell you're exhausted.

him: I'm not exhausted.

me: Yes, you are.

him: How can you tell?

me: Everything about you screams it.

him: You can't tell.

me: You're tired. Go to sleep.

him: How can you tell?

me: I KNOW YOU. Goodnight.

him: I'm going to get up. I'm hungry. I'll get something to eat.


Five minutes later, by the clock:



I don't know why he fights it.


  1. That is a priceless picture Becky!

  2. I think the ability to fall asleep quickly runs in their family. I think it was Aaron who I saw fall asleep sitting completely straight upright in the middle seat in a van on the way home from Mexico!