Saturday, May 1, 2010

Science of clothes drying

We turned on the clothes dryer today after several months of not using it. Our homemade clothes tree stand has finally bit the dust and we're trying to brainstorm a better design. I think we'll need to weld a few things before we're ready. Where do you go to get some welding done? Superman can do it, he just needs the tools.

Drying all your clothes inside the house on a 6-foot-square clothes drying tree seems like a really geeky, green thing to do but I bet it's saved us at least a couple hundred dollars by now. The ancient electric dryer we have here gets the job done, but certainly not in an efficient way. True, it takes longer for things to line dry. The tree can hold two large loads of laundry at a time and it only takes 24 hours to dry. I think two large loads of laundry a day isn't bad at all.


In preparation for buying make-up and more skin care products (I'm reaching the end of my Ahava stash) I've been combing over these two websites:

Beautypedia and Cosmetics Database

I'm a geeky scientist at heart and therefore the studies and scientific nature of these sites appeal to me.

Beautypedia dispels various beauty myths and talks about the formulation of various products. I found out that Neutrogena's moisturizer with sunscreen is just as good as some higher-end, expensive brand because the formulation is nearly identical. Why would I want to pay more? I wouldn't.

Then, after I've picked a product that has potential, I can check it out on the Cosmetics Database to find out what it's comprised of and if any of those ingredients are potentially harmful chemicals that I won't want to smear onto my skin on a regular basis.

It's all very systematic, this way of choosing make-up and skin care products, and that appeals to me far more than simply deciding on a whim if this or that product smells/looks/feels nice. Plus, I'm nearly always distrustful of marketing jargon because I know it's DESIGNED to convince me of things that may or may not be entirely (or even slightly) true.

The flip side of that is, once I'm sold on something, I'm SOLD and will probably be calling you tomorrow to convince you to buy it too.

Speaking of which, I've got to do my DivaCup entry soon.


  1. You can find cheap (but gets the job done no problem) wirefeed welders on CL.

  2. I love Cosmetic Database. It's appalling how much CRAP is in most products- especially baby products! That site was super helpful when I was looking for safe shampoo/baby wash/sunscreen (one of the CVS store brands is one of the safest!) Oh, and re: the make-up post. Yes, seven things sounds like a LOT to me. I'm not a big make-up girl, though. I like my Bare Escentuals foundation powder that is really natural looking and light, and some under-eye concealer because of the DARK CIRCLES from three years of sleep deprivation. And usually a little mascara. Anything more than that goes on for special occasions or the occasional Put Together day.

  3. After all is said and done, the fact that you've saved a couple hundred bucks speaks loud and clear. Good for you!!

  4. I LOVE that you designed a clothes-dryer-thingy!!! I've wanted to dry our clothes inside during the winter, but didn't know with what or where. I'm going to ponder it again:).