Saturday, May 8, 2010


I came across old, OLD archives of my blog today. They were back in the Typepad days... 2004! It was interesting to read what I had to say back then. I miss not being able to write and post pictures as often as I did. My writing these days feels old and tired in comparison. True, back then I was engaged, planning a wedding, Superman had just bought a house - of course there was a lot to be happy and silly about. There still is, now, but maybe I care less. I've been married nearly five years, have two kids, been through tough marital times, tough financial times, tough mental times and no longer own that house (short sale became official last week! AT LAST.)


Age'll do that to ya.

I also noticed I've stopped talking about God as much, somewhere along the line. Probably about the time my faith came under fire and I started experiencing a whole bunch of crap (er, pardon me, character-building experiences) that my little, Christian know-it-all brain had a tough time handling. It's one thing to know all the "right" answers but it's an entirely different (and likely impossible) thing to LIVE all the "right" answers. My Christian know-it-all brain feels less and less like a know-it-all these days, but my faith in Christ has emerged unquestionably stronger. Maybe because it's even more so intensely personal that I've avoided talking about faith-based stuff on my site lately.

And there's been a lot going on in that realm of my life, which is probably why my posting frequency has dwindled.

I also can't talk about my experience as the wife of a person who does what Superman does for a living - it just wouldn't be smart to do so on a public blog. I've thought about opening up a page behind a password for posts relating to that part of our lives but, eh, hassle. Anyone think it's worth it?


And now, for something completely different: MYSTERYGUITARMAN! Love this guy. Love. Him. Looooove. OK, so it's really just a super strong crush (he's just a baby 22 year old!) but seriously, TALENT. And funny and quirky and now I want to learn Portuguese.

I even got my own YouTube account just so I could leave him a comment challenging him to do a video made only with baby and toddler noises. I'd volunteer my own (their noises are varied and endless) because how cool would that be, but, impractical, boo.


Elaine has pneumonia and I just realized I forgot to give her the second dose of antibiotics tonight before she went to bed. Even though I have posted a chart with places to check off each dose ON THE MICROWAVE because I was afraid of this very thing happening. Good one, beck.

I asked Val tonight what she thought would be a good reward for not sucking her thumb or pacifier while she falls asleep. She said gum. We don't have any gum right now, but I think it's certainly worth a shot. She's only been sucking anything for a little over a year now but had a pretty sizable over bite to begin with. I'm starting to worry that it will interfere with speech development. She can pronounce all the correct sounds, but sometimes will use a sound that's easier for her mouth to make during regular speech.

Also? Remember how sort of, kind of bitter I was that Val never wanted to snuggle me when she was a baby/toddler? Well! Guess which parent is Elaine's favorite for snuggling? That's right! ME! HA! Elaine is more snuggly, overall, too. Val is only just starting to snuggle while awake - before that it would only be when she was sleeping or sick.

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